Monday, October 1, 2007

Boom to Economy
You see in the tv news and all newspaper headlines how the buddhist monks show their huge numbers to stage a protest against the military government of Myanmar.Together with their people they are asking the international people to help them make things right in their country.But the international people are all like them, flesh and blood but maybe they present themselves better in public, in shirts and ties with nice jackets over, carrying business briefcases that Buddha decided to give them lots of money.That is why international business markets always boom, shipyard industries boom, property markets boom, share markets boom, production industries boom, building industries boom, tv shows and advertising industries boom.
Maybe the international countries has freedom, peace, harmony and unity, that is the environment for Buddha to give lots of money where Heaven, the universe and the world become one which produce the "Splat" sound, resulting everything turned paper thin, like a well-painted drawing on a canvas, that people would just admire how beautifully, admirably, poetically, lyrically, wonderfully, something that is called "Money" !! Without that desired environment, Buddha has no concentration to make money for them where usually you can see the worshippors go to see their monks for lucky numbers to bet and win lots of money.
When Buddha close his door with the sign "Do not disturb", the monks next go to the Ghosts which the monks and their worshippors celebrate with them together for one month every year.Since everywhere is disharmony, disunity, distructions (destructions), dis-freedom, dis-peaceful, the Ghosts can only say, "No, you already make all the mess, next time we come!" And the prefix dis- can only spelled as "Die in Shame for!"
In certain views, the monks believed that Buddha in Heaven has given the signal that it is now the time for their own crusade, to be called as "Maha Buddhade or Maha Buddhihad", when we see in history, it was first the Christian with their "Crusade" and after that the Muslim's "Jihad". Generally, most people see that if a country is in turmoil, chaos, riots, protests, etc, it is because of corrupted government.But if you compare Myanmar to the little red dot nation where most of its people are similarly Buddhist where you see it can do so much to make its economy boom when Myanmar, a very big country cannot.Thus this only shows the dual effects of corrupted government where Myanmar people play their bastard, dirty, corrupted role to the international eyes whereas the little red dot nation covered up their bastard, dirty, corrupted role very well.
So the only choice left for the monks is to call upon their own kind in flesh and blood from all over the world and maybe 'disrobe' themselves which only make them looked like a noose rope tied around their necks to hang themselves !

Sing the verse below to the tune of "One Night in Bangkok" :

One time in Myanmar when all the Buddhist monks show their numbers, they are not great fortune tellers !
One time in Myanmar when all the Buddhist monks show their numbers, no monkey faces and pig faces come to make their economy boom !